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. and a house fire in baltimore city spreads to a number of units. how long it took the firefighters to put out the flames. the ultimate purple friday, game day is around the corner. can you feel the excitement in the air for the championship. we a live this morning with a group of people who are getting into the spirit of things. >> virus that can turn deadly. there are measures that you can try to avoid getting the flu. there is a clip thank you can attend today. we'll tell you about it on this purple friday. good morning, everyone. let's get to the weather. and foxboro in the plans or not, everyone wants to know how
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things are going. >> we'll get warmer as we go into tomorrow. i'll detail that in a moment. the storm to the south. but we have a disturbance now trying to dive down from pennsylvania. now i got reports, i looked on my facebook, you supported me and lester is seeing showers this morning. be prepared as you step out the door. we'll see more of this as we go through time and things will taper off. temperature wise we're cold at 32 degrees. 34 and we get a look at the accurate planner, the temperature is 34, 36 by lunchtime. 36 will be colder because it is breezy. let's check traffic with lauren. >> good morning to you a bit of snow he in carol county and frederick. if you are traveling there, take it slow on the roads.
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reduced speeds in these situations. if you are heading downtown no problems whatsoever. everything is up to speed and the fort mchenry tunnel. and traffic is moving along and this will be the case over in parkville. you will not have any problems down to 95. that's a look at time saver traffic. over to you. and 432. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused an intense house fire in baltimore city. and the fire broke out late last night and cold spring. they worked overnight to put out the flames and it was so large that it spread to a house next door. and both of the homes got out safely but one of the structures collapsed partially. and two police officers are recovering after getting into an accident and it happened around 10:00. and a miss plan and mercedes
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collided. they were taken to shock trauma. the officers are in stable condition and police say the injuries are not life threatening. the young person in the van with the officers to learn about the job. that person was take ton shock trauma as a precaution. the driver of the vehicle was treated for minor injuries at the scene. 4:33 right now. hope, anticipation -- we're feeling everything thinking about the game, we have a shot at the super bowl now on the line. this weekend it is never too early to celebrate. where are you starting today? >> we are live here at the house of rock in white marsh. now take a look. all is quiet now. it is empty. they open up at 6:00 this morning. let me tell you later things will be hopping here. the ravens are in the playoffs. they are taking on the patriots and, folks, they will be fired
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up. the purple caravan starts here but it continues to a number of places. >> the cheerleaders will open up at 6:00 this morning. and it is early but people will be excited. right now i have the cook. tommy g is joining me here. i'm doing fine. >> i'm good. >> i have my purple on. we're ready. you are an important person, i like to eat and you are the cook here. >> you will be all right. >> when people come in and everything we get a crowd, what can they expect. >> we have plenty of eggs, biscuits. coffee all the beer they can drink. bloody mary mix. and the ravens will have a great day on sunday.
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the marching band. it will be a wonderful day. people can get full bellies or not liquored up and go to work. >> you know what, you are speaking my language. you mentioned something about the biscuits. >> we have plenty for you, with bacon and cheese and eggs however you like them. >> no jam though. >> you expect a good game on sunday? >> i think the ravens win it 31- 27. >> all right now. >> we should see people streaming in. i want to stick close to this man here. he has the food. this is my person here. >> you will be in good hands. >> head back to the kitchen. i will be there. all right now. >> reporting live in white march now back to you in the studio. >> you have a good assignment. we want to remind to you join us tonight for the playoff special. we will be back for round two.
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we'll have live team coverage. kelly and mike will be in white marsh. jamie and scott will be live in the studio, that all starts here on abc 2. and the ann executive wants the judge to hear his case and not a jury. linda, what is happening this morning? >> reporter: the trial will get underway at 9:00 this morning. he left the courthouse giving up his right to a jury trial. they would not say why the decision was made. it comes after two days of lengthy questioning of more than 300 jurors. he is on trial for misconduct charges. he is accused of using his taxpayer funded detail for personal and political reasons.
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it is alleged that the leader made officers run errands, conceal an affair and stand watch while he had sex with a county employee. >> i had no knowledge of anything, i'm a single mom i take care of my kids, we don't have much tv time. >> reporter: cheryl conner will be in the courtroom and she will cover the trial until a verdict is reached. linda so, abc 2 news. with is one of the university flu seasons the peak does not hit until january or february. you from not gotten the shot, it's not too late. >> and you can get vaccinated for free. and the injectable form of the vaccine will be available t goes from 1 to 5 this afternoon. there will be a new vaccine out there available to you. the food and drug administration said it is
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approved without eggs or the virus. it is permitted for the use of people 18 to 49 years old. in the event of a pandemic, the technology could speed up the vaccine manufacturing process. for everything that you need to know to stay healthy during the flu season negotiation to just head to,/flu. all information that you need to stay healthy. time now for a check on the weather. let's go to lynette. >> i know people were because we didn't get the snow it stayed to the south of us. we have a disturbance stkurpbgs to the south out of pennsylvania. some of you getting light snow and flurries, it will make its way to the south as we go through the morning hours. we zoom into some areas getting light snow making it look
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festive. and. take it easy. it is something to look at. temperatures are colder. one goal to keep kids safe in school. and keep out the orange and black. the festival for o's fans this weekend that you do not want to miss. and everything is up to speed here on 07 at columbia pike. what traffic looks like on 95 and that's coming up on good morning maryland.
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reducing gun violence and keeping your children safe, that's some of the governor's goals. this morning he is expected to present his public safety priorities for the 2013 session. he will implement new gun laws.
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he will include some of the toughest requirements in the country and a ban on assault weapons and reducing visitor access to schools. lawmakers have a law that will keep pit bulls from being ruled as more dangerous than other dogs. you will be liable if your dog bites someone but you will not have to defend yourself if the victim prohe volked the dog. the law would apply to all breeds. it would get the full support for the house and lawmakers made it an emergency bill. that means if they get it passed and the governor signs it, it will go into effect immediately. >> it is all with about the birds. >> we are he showing our pride but into the weekend and now time to pull the orange and black out as well. the birds will stop and they will visit john rogers school this afternoon. they will teach kids exercise,
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healthy dietrary habits and sign autographs and take pictures. each child will get tickets to fan prevent 11 to 6 for tomorrow. you will meet future and past greats. all right. so, lot of people will be out and about, the weather is going to be something they will be concerned about. >> today we're cold. we have a little snow. something people didn't see. very disapoint. >> to the south of us. >> we have a disturbance and it is diving down. bring a few flurries making it festive out there. and nothing will stick and head out and about. we can see what is going on to the south. this is the storm. that missed us. it is pushing to the north and and. as we go through the day the high pressure will be building in. we'll see more sunshine. but in the meantime, the
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temperatures are cold. 34 a breezy day. and 59 to 15 miles an hour. we could see gusts to 20. 25 miles an hour. now at the surface there is the high pressure. sunshine for today and tomorrow. look what is coming. we have a bitter blast on the way as the air will push in. i blogged about it and it is coming true. the future trend not picking up on a lot. we will have a week or dry front moving through. we stay dry but again we will be windy. the temperature around 38 degrees. we'll get sunshine in here. colder and breezy and clear and frosty. 46, more sun by tomorrow, not as cold. check the forecast for you as the winds will persist into monday with a slight chance of a snow shower. a check of the time saver
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traffic with lauren cook. >> and as you machined it is nottisticking to the roads but prepare yourself. if you are using 95 from howard and baltimore. and the beltway this is what it looks like and everything is going to be up to speed. no problems. if you are traveling up on that inner loop to 83 and outer loop to 40. if we can get a live shot. here is what 83 looks like. everything moving right along a normal 21 minutes to travel from the state line down to the beltway. >> and it is six days away. do you have your tickets to the swearing in. >> where some marylanders will get their tickets. what happened and one
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player. some of the big hoaxes of all time that are out there. >> as we head to break. it is never too early to show off the ravens pride. send us your photos of your ravens pride on this friday. we're back in a bit.
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the inauguration is just days away and the president was sworn in with 2 million people attending. he was the first african- american u.s. president. this year's event is will be smaller but is still unique. and for the 7th time in u.s. history, the mandated inauguration day is on a sunday. that means that the president will officially be sworn in sunday at the white house and a ceremonial inauguration will be
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monday. 800,000 people are expected to attend. did you score one of those  tickets for the inauguration? if so, can you pick it up today. 325 tickets were awarded to maryland constituents through a lottery system. and if you are on not on the mall, and we have a special section on the app. can you down load that. and 26 people were killed last month and residents in newtown are trying to figure out what to do with the building. today members of the community will discuss and they will meet with ideas about what to do. many of the people who live in the area are divided about this. some want it to be destroyed and turned into a memorial while others want it to be renovated. and opinions are mixed most agree that the children and the teachers should stay together. they have been moved to a
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school in a neighboring town and officials are planning meetings with the victim's families to get their input. the theater where the people were killed will reopen today. six months ago a -- a gunman opened up on those watching a movie in colorado. 58 people were injured in the shooting and last night a service was held at that theater. and it is offering free movies to the public. we're waiting to hear from a star linebacker, manti te'o, he is the center of a strange hoax. >> this tangled tale is none exist-- non-existent girl friend. but he is not alone when it somes to the quirky stories. >> reporter: 2013 is barely underway and we have our first big hoax. >> the weirdest story of the year. >> this is like a bad movie. >> reporter: be glad it is not your life. within hours of when the story
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broke, manti te'o was the new tebowing. that is posing with an imaginary girlfriend on bended knee, proposing to her, kissing her, someone resurrected the empty chair of clint eastwood. the preoccupation with the scandal big footed more important stories. did we say big foot. that was a hoax. >> everyone knew that we were lying. >> two georigans said they found the body of big foot. it was a costume with road kill. speaking of dead, remember paul is dead. and paul mccartney is alive but that doesn't stop from us getting turned on by listening backwards to revolution 9 and hearing turn me on dead man. >> april fool's day inspired talk it was buying the linerty bell and renaming it taco
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liberty bell. and a whooper, the hoax involving the left-handed whooper, burger king said they moved the condiments 108- degrees to accommodate lefties. what is left? the balloon boy. >> we're glad he is here. >> dad thought his son was sent alost in this thing but it was deemed a hoax with unforgettable media appearances. when balloon boy threw up on the "today" show. that has not happened with the manti te'o hoax. >> it was real. >> never existed. >> and it ranged from no girlfriend in the shower to a for tune cooky reading the love of your life is sitting across from you. seth myers said the jokes are very funny but let's remember a person who never existed is dead. and still a hoax like balloon boy never existed neath wore
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our favorite quote after wolf blitzer introduced himself to balloon boy. >> who the hell is wolf. [ laughter ] bringing that weird story back. that was a big one. >> no one will forget the kid throwing up in his dad's lap. >> and manti te'o is training for the nfl draft. >> notre dame is claiming that he is the victim of a mean spirited hoax. they have reported they hired investigated how they were involved and manti te'o was supposed to speak to the media yesterday but it was postponed. >> we'll find out at some point what happened. >> maybe. five things to know before you head out the door the baltimore rebuild and expo show and it kicks off today. and there will be over 150 companys there. they will be on hand to how to
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spruce up your home t runs through sunday. and why maryland is paying tribute to martin luther king junior. they will hold a monument to great celebration and the family center. and the center fielder adam jones will be a guest speaker. it starts at 9:00 this morning. the creator of the long running advice column has died. she passed away after a battle with alzheimer's. dear abbey supported equal rights for minorities and women. and promised education. she was 94. one couple has been ranked the highest paid couple in hollywood. twilight has earned millions. the second was to chaning tatum and rachel mc adams. you may be able to get change from the atm. atms are capable of dispensing
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1 and 5-dollar bills and they are popping up around the country. chase and pnc are allowing people to withdraw 1 and 5- dollar bills. some may dispense coins. this refree for the customers. 5 minutes before the hour. time for a check of the forecast. it is purple friday, people, they want to get out and see the purple caravan and it is cooperating. >> the weather will cooperate. we'll have high pressure building here and seeing showers light in nature and flurries, people are going out of town. if they head to bwi and under partly cloudy skies. the wind will be a big factor. that 35 and the winds out of the northwest at 12 miles an hour. getting the kids off to school. it will be a cold start and tend the day. the 38 is going to be feeling like we're in the 20s today because of that wind chill factor. bundle the kids up and bundle
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yourself up as well. let's get a check now of time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> as you mentioned. flurries are falling so if you live in that area. be careful this morning because the roads will be pretty wed. it's not sticking to them n howard county. nice and clear. no problems traveling from columbia pike on 70 all the way over to 695. this is a live look at 695. here in pikesville and everything is moving right along. it will take you eight minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 70. the inner loop will be clear as you make the push to 83. no delays on the east side. it will take you 11 minutes on the outer loop all the way up to 83 and 95 in white marsh. nice delays heading into the city. 14 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway to downtown baltimore. >> that's look at time saver traffic. over to you. this morning at 5:00 a woman on a bench and is
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attacked and thrown on the track. how she managed to escape serious injuries a ed who is responsible for the brutal
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he was wearing gloves and carrying the tools that a robber needed. he improviseed a disguise. and he is wanting to steal from a former employer. when he remembered that there were cameras around, he bought bucket on his head. he was able to get away with cash and authorities say he tried to break into a pawn shop but didn't have any luck. they caught up with him at his home. now he is facing charges. we told you about the search to find book of rules found by a kid, it was found in a parking lot now it is returned to the owner a great ending

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